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Do Something Now! began in 2008 as the vision of Dr. Harve Meskin as a way to begin to address some of the problems found in many of the underdeveloped areas of the world.

Our Mission is to provide bicycles to underprivileged people living in impoverished areas throughout the world. This will facilitate their ability to obtain essential services (such as clean water, medical care, education, firewood, or aid in bringing goods to market), thus enriching their lives and their communities.

Due to a lack of infrastructure, a villager has to carry their essential items of daily living to and from their homes by walking. Bicycles are a simple, sustainable, and inexpensive method to enhance their lives by expanding their range of access to essential services. Bicycles can provide an increase in independence and empower individuals, families, and communities. With a bicycle, an individual can travel at least 4 times as far in the same amount of time as someone on foot, with 5 times the carrying capacity.

Do Something Now! is incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in the State of California.

  • Do Something Now!’s goal is to deliver at least 5,000 bicycles to deserving recipients in these areas.
  • At present, delivery of these bicycles is expected to cost about $150 per bicycle.
  • These bicycles are specially designed to be used in rural areas with rough roads. They have one gear, coaster brakes and thick, thorn resistant tires.
  • We have forged a partnership with the Rotary Clubs, and other NGO's to do the on-site distribution of these bicycles.
  • In order to enhance the benefit to the community and the investment value of these bicycles to the recipient, the recipient would be required to perform a community service in order to receive the bicycle.
  • Our current focus is delivery of bicycles to areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our first shipment of bicycles occurred in April of 2009 to students from a school on the outskirts of Capetown, South Africa (see our Success Stories for more information).

Here is a new video of our most recent bicycle delivery (September 2011):
Here is a video about Do Something NOW! and our first bicycle delivery:

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